Microsoft and North Dakota Alliance to Improve Technology Education

Microsoft officials and the Governor of North Dakota together announced a public-private partnership that will tremendously help the young people who lacks access to the technology education. The partnership is going to help especially to the people living rural areas.

“Digital Alliance” (the partnership) will bring Microsoft’s training and resource programs to the state to boost student’s skills in education, employability and entrepreneurship. It will specially focus on science, technology, engineering and math. “The alliance will be the beginning of a major step forward in educational improvement, technology access and training for the students. It will also help our residents and small businesses.” Gov. Jack Dalrymple said.

He added, “Apparently, career opportunities within the state are exploding. People are looking for a great way to develop their knowledge and skills to take advantages of these opportunities.”

According to the site manager of Microsoft, Don Morton, a majority of the future jobs will be technology jobs, but sadly there is an opportunity gap in the county which gets wide especially in the rural parts of the county. He said “We would like to fill the educational gap in the county and we have some good ideas and tools that will help those young people who don’t have access to technology education, so that they can go with hand in hand with the people that have access.”

Microsoft’s general manager of US education, Kristin Rhodes, said this is a part Microsoft’s global YouthSpark initiative that has been designed to create 50 million opportunities for youths in the United States alone. “So this will be a great opportunity to showcase that right here in North Dakota.”

Microsoft has not provided the cost figures for its initial three year commitment. Kristin said much of its contribution will be in-kind word that has already been started.