Students won the Regional Conference Teaching Competition

Midwest Regional Conference of the Technology and Engineering Educators Collegiate Association has organized teaching contest in its 2012 conference. With many others a group of students from Indiana State Technology and Education students participated in the contest and won first place in it. Colby Boyer and Cody Eaves, students of Indiana State Technology showed demo of their simulated lesson system. Molly Joseph and Dan Lewellyn students from ISU also were in the group.

The lesson was planned on aerodynamics by the four students group. Within 10 minutes they explained aerodynamics principles and how objects fly. Boyer and Eaves had the judges pick a paper airplane, who then released to them to see how they would fly. The student educators then measured the distance the planes traveled and, using the time they were in the air, calculated the rate of speed the planes traveled. Boyer and Eaves then briefly talked with the judges about the planes’ performances.

Winning students group emphasized hands on creativity nature of a technology classroom rather than sits on a usual hall room and learns something. They aimed to incorporate activity in it to make the judges feel like a real tech classroom.

Usually this conference doesn’t cover competitions where students can participate but this year it was an exception. So students got the chance to enter and did their best to make teaching more students approachable. Technology education students showed something different typical teaching method yet applicable.

Whoever the winner is, all of the participants were close and they showed they have the ability to become strong teachers. And in future they’ll be able to do something that’ll change the scenario and students will willingly participate in learning process.