Micro Controller Contest Held by Texas Instruments featured Vietnamese Engineering and Technology Students

Vietnamese University students have participated in the micro-controllers contest held in Texas Instruments. Engineering and technology students from all over the country came up with their thoughts and put their imaginations to create IT products. It was a display of various miniature robots, heart monitors and devices which respond to voice commands and motion.

Texas Instruments gave prize of $2,000 to the champion. In the competition, Ho Chi Minh Chi University of Technology won the prize with their IT chip controlled smart home model. The lighting, security, fire suppression and climate of the model home can be controlled by the chip.

Danang University Team came up with a mapping robot and won the second prize of $1000 in the competition. The mapping robot uses an ultrasound transmitter and receiver sensor to find its way. Both of the winning teams are inspired by participating in the competition and expecting better output in the future.

The company organizes this type of competition in the other parts of the world like China, India, and United States. They intend to market their products and inspire young fresh minds to develop innovative IT products. Despite company’s business strategies, the impact of this competition in the educational sector is undeniable.

Since 1980, Texas Instruments has been working with Universities and providing science, technology, engineering and math education in different parts of the world. More than 3,000 teaching lab have been established by the company. Recently two new teaching labs were added in Danang University of Technology.

Through these competitions, engineering and technology students got a platform to create and compete with each other. Every year hundreds of thousands fresh graduates complete their study in every country. With the passage of time, the competition is getting tougher but every year it inspires numerous fresh minds to put their imagination in reality.