Technology in Indian Education

Technology has become the most essential part of today’s society. More and more use of technology makes our life easier and comfortable. It plays an important part even in the growth of economy. In the field of education technology has brought revolutionary changes in the recent years.

Like every other developing country, India’s education system has seen radical change. With the perfect combination of standard curriculum, qualified teachers and most importantly outstanding use of technology Indian education system has been improved a lot in the past years. Now-a-days, use of the computer in the classroom seems beneficial for the future run even for the students who don’t take computer as their subject.

To teach students teachers have to grab their full attention. The use of technology has made it easier to communicate for the teachers with students. Usage of videos or animations instead of textbooks makes the learning easy.

To grab the full attention of students there’s no other way than practically teach them with interesting example. Technology has made it easier to give them the information from any part of the world. Get a connection with internet and the world is in your hand. Students have accepted the new style of teaching gladly and their response is cheerful.

Even after the class hour students can suggestion or submit homework, assignments to their teacher through internet connection. Also, students can share the class notes with each other through internet.
Though, use of technology is increasing day by day but Indian government has not played any great role yet in this sector. Most of the Indian families cannot afford to send their child’s into private institutions so it’s the responsibility of the government to increase the application of technology in the schools and higher educational institutions.

In order to hold any nation upright education is the prior key. Education makes the difference between best and worst. Hopefully Indian government will take a good care and give every student proper chance of using technology in education.